RED Valentino launches its spring-summer 2017 campaignRED Valentino launches its spring-summer 2017 campaign

RED Valentino shows off the more casual side of high fashion with the release of its spring-summer 2017 campaign. After appearing in the fall advertisements, singer-songwriter Birdy joins upcoming models Ina Maribo Jensen, Tandi Reason Dahl and Mia Gruenwald. Photographer Scott Trindle captures everyday scenes around London ranging from diners to buses and stairwells. The new season spotlights bold patterns and color combinations.

From a striped red dress available at Simons to crocheted knitwear and eyelet lace, these designs offer a retro, 1970’s inspired take on the new season. In addition to the print advertisements, RED Valentino also unveiled a short film directed by Sarah Elisabeth Blais. Elizabeth Fraser-Bell styled the shoot with Phillippe Tholimet on hair and Nami Yoshida on makeup. Discover more from RED Valentino’s spring-summer 2017 campaign below!


An image from RED Valentino's spring 2017 advertising campaignAn image from RED Valentino’s spring 2017 advertising campaignRED Valentino captures its spring-summer 2017 campaign in LondonRED Valentino captures its spring-summer 2017 campaign in LondonBirdy stars in RED Valentino's spring-summer 2017 campaignBirdy stars in RED Valentino’s spring-summer 2017 campaignBirdy, Ina Maribo Jensen, Tandi Reason Dahl and Mia Gruenwald appear in RED Valentino's spring-summer 2017 campaignBirdy, Ina Maribo Jensen, Tandi Reason Dahl and Mia Gruenwald appear in RED Valentino’s spring-summer 2017 campaign

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Chanel: This BOY Is More Than Just A FRIEND

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Boy. Friend. Put these two seemingly regular words together and you’ll get something totally new. Yes, you get boyfriend, which is defined as a frequent or regular male companion in a romantic relationship. Now, before you start picturing Chris Evans, Chris Pine or even Chris Pratt, let’s just stop right there and get serious with Chanel’s Boy.Friend instead, one that will never break your heart, never leave you and stay by your side for as long as you want it to.


One of Chanel’s icons-in-the-making, it is a chic and understated timepiece that will easily beat the amount of time your real-life companion spends with you. But its literal name aside, the beauty of this Boy.Friend lies in its unique shape and size, a fine balance of engineered masculinity on your feminine wrist, the Yang to your Yin, the Sun to your Moon.

Available in solid gold or stainless steel bodies (and don’t we all love a hard body on our boyfriends), the Boy.Friend now comes in 3 sizes (Large, Medium and Small), has pieces that come with or without diamonds (because we all love a man who can carry off a little bling) and finished with a variety of straps, from sexy exotic crocodile to stainless steel tweed and even lush smooth-to-the-touch satin.


A lady that wears the Boy.Friend dares to be who she really is – bold and confident, constantly pushing the boundaries in her style and outfit choices (from the everyday workwear pieces, to the casual days out on weekends), which the watch will blend effortlessly into, thanks to its androgynous good looks.

It’s a timepiece even Gabrielle Coco Chanel will definitely approve of, after all, it was she who in raiding her boyfriend’s wardrobe that saw to the birth of the little black jacket, and was so inspired by the thin slings on soldiers’ satchels that she added one to the 2.55. This was a woman who never felt constrained by what’s right and what’s wrong; instead she adapted as she saw fit and made it her own, which in a way also best exemplifies the story behind this timepiece.

Donning the watch gives you an immediate sense of power and strength – truthfully, who needs a boyfriend when you’ve got this Boy.Friend. Right, ladies?

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Burberry launches its spring-summer 2017 sale

Burberry launches its spring-summer 2017 sale

British luxury brand Burberry launches its spring-summer 2017 sale. You can now expect up to 50% off on some of its signature styles. Choose from a trench coat, lace dress or crossbody bag to update your warm weather wardrobe. The fashion company also offers up chic accessories like scarves, glasses and key chains. 


Burberry Collarless Lambskin Jacket with Regimental Detailing $1,795 (previously $2,995)Burberry Collarless Lambskin Jacket with Regimental Detailing $1,795 (previously $2,995)
This Italian-made lambskin leather jacket includes appliquéd panels with polished gold metal hardware.Burberry The Small Canter in Leather and House Check $895 (previously $1,250)Burberry The Small Canter in Leather and House Check $895 (previously $1,250)
A leather bag features the iconic house check print with equestrian-style saddle straps.Burberry Sandringham Fit Cashmere Trench Coat $1,595 (previously $2,595)Burberry Sandringham Fit Cashmere Trench Coat $1,595 (previously $2,595)
Think pink in a trench coat with a slim fit featuring a tapered waist and belt detail.Burberry Eyelet and Rivet Detail Leather Crossbody Bag $950 (previously $1,295)Burberry Eyelet and Rivet Detail Leather Crossbody Bag $950 (previously $1,295)
This chic crossbody bag is perfect for everyday wear with gold hardware detail and a polished metal buckle.Burberry Macramé Lace Short Shift Dress with Ruffle Sleeves $950 (previously $1,495)Burberry Macramé Lace Short Shift Dress with Ruffle Sleeves $950 (previously $1,495)
Ideal for warm weather, a lace dress with flared ruffled sleeves works for a casual or dressed up outing.

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Givenchy’s Pre-Fall 2017 Collections Includes the New Infinity Bag and More

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Gucci presents its resort 2018 collection in FlorenceGucci presents its resort 2018 collection in Florence

Gucci showcased its resort 2018 collection in Florence, Italy. Creative director Alessandro Michele found inspiration in the Renaissance for the new season. Michele also brought rock and roll vibes to the season with leather jackets, denim and fringe. Resort focused on long and sweeping gowns, metallic pantsuits and embroidered jackets. Michele’s eclectic aesthetic saw silhouettes that borrowed from different eras.

From an 80’s inspired bomber jacket to mutton chop sleeves, the colorful designs are opulent luxe. The color palette features rich emerald, fuchsia, sapphire red, powder pink and lilac purple. Floral patterns, plaid, stripes and natural scenes decorate the looks. For accessories, the Gucci woman wears scarves, embellished headbands, beaded sunglasses and turbans.

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Best Value Hermes Bag Under $5,000

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Hermes bags are known to cost a fortune. The French label’s most famous bags are the Birkin and Kelly, which are priced more than $10,000.00 (USD) and can even go up to hundreds of thousands. But for those who are still dreaming of owning an Hermes with limited funds, the brand also offers handbags under $5,000.00 (USD). Here are our Top 8 Best Value Hermes bags!

1.Herbag Zip 31 – $2,550.00 (USD)

Released in 2009, the Herbag Zip is a more affordable version of the iconic Kelly bag. The Herbag Zip is made of canvas and cowhide leather. It features a Kelly lock closure and has a removable inner zipped flat pocket. The bag also includes a shoulder strap, and comes in a variety of colors.

2. Garden Party 30 – $3,500.00 (USD)

The Garden Party is one of the brand’s most famous tote designs. The bag features a Clou de Selle snap closure, and opens to a spacious interior. It is available in leather and canvas. Perfect for everyday use.

3.Double Sens 36 – $3,425.00 (USD)

Another tote design from the brand, the Double Sens, which is a great alternative to the Garden Party. This reversible tote bag was released in 2010 and has been in Hermes’ permanent collection since then. It is lightweight and easy to carry.

4.Evelyne III 29 – $3,300.00 (USD)

The Evelyne Bag has been one of Hermes’ signature bags. It features a perforated H logo in the center of the bag. The bag has an adjustable strap, allowing it to be carried on the shoulder or across the body. It is an ideal city bag and perfect to use when traveling.

5. Hermes Picotin Lock 22 – $2,950.00 (USD)

The brand’s own version of a bucket bag is simple yet chic and elegant. The Picotin Lock features a natural raw hide interior. It comes with a Kelly lock closure and short top handles.

6.Jigé Elan 29 – $3,525.00 (USD)

The Jigé Clutch used to be a hard to find bag. But now, it can be easily purchased, and even available at With its sleek and sophisticated design, the Jigé can be used from day to night.

7. Halzan 22 – $4,600.00 (USD)

Launched in 2014, the Halzan Bag features a front belt buckle detail and stirrup-shaped handles. With its unique design, the tote bag can be folded and can be carried in a variety of ways. It can be used as a tote, shoulder bag, crossbody bag and even as a clutch.

8. Soie-Cool 22 – $2,200.00 (USD)

The Soie-Cool bag is a fun and playful bag which is made of silk and calfskin. The bag is available in different colorful prints which will surely brighten up any outfit.

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