Valentino Embroidered Guitar Handbag Strap

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If there is an award for the finest fiery red flowery signature bag, then without a doubt and without blinking our eyes, we will definitely hand out the award to Valentino for its Mini Lock Flower Bag.

The flower power game is strong with this Valentino bag. We are loving the meticulous manner of which the leather beaded flower patches were placed side by side. The added golden studs and golden metal chains on the other hand created a perfect balance so that the bag might not look too overpowering with its floral design.

The red color is also another reason to fall in love with this bag. A bold and classy fashion statement, this Mini Lock Flower Bag is the perfect go-to bag for romantic dinners. Pair it with your clean and crisp white dress and you’ll absolutely look divine.

It measures 12’ x 17’ x 6 (H x W x D) cm.



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Cruise Womens Valentino: Bags

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valentino_cruise-2015-womens1It’s bursting rainbows over at Valentino as far as their Cruise 2015 collection is concerned, and no, I’m not complaining because colour (even ample amounts done the right way) is always a joy to behold. And as far as the Paris-based Italian house is concerned, everything we love about Valentino is appropriately striped and brightly hued, beginning with the trio of shoulder bags in different sizes that come in rainbow chevrons (shown above),

valentino_cruise-2015-womens2Then there are these, the Double Handle Bag in 2 sizes that I absolutely adore. Easier to handle because of its rolled leather handles, there really isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t, especially when every colour you could possibly love in a rainbow is represented here.

valentino_cruise-2015-womens3Last but not least, here’s even more Valentino to love, from the Rockstud 1973 Ankle Strap (USD1050), Rockrunner 1973 (USD760) to the tiny (measures only 16.5 cm across) Mini Shoulder Bag that is priced at USD1960. And if you are wondering why the prices are in USD, Valentino does ship internationally (Singapore included), and selected pieces (including the 3 above) can be purchased online.

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Valentino psychedelic romantic new stamp series bags

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Luggage brand new generation of Valentino, the most acclaimed and well known is its complicated gorgeous, stunning printing. Previously Double design portfolio Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli had brought out the critically acclaimed series camouflage print bag, and this season, they will focus more psychedelic romantic projected area. The new stamp series Camu Butterfly, tropical setting, exquisite style and color saturation.













In order to highlight the “very complicated doctrine,” the purpose of these gorgeous photographers to simply thrown into a single product among the more ornate background printing, quite squandering charming eyes posture, these wonderful shoes and handbags, just like direct cut down from the drawing, decorate your life.

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Runway Favorite: Valentino My Rockstud Hand-Painted Tribal Satchel Bag

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Valentino My Rockstud Painted Satchel

The Valentino Rockstud bag styles have always been popular. The normally reserved designer uses studs to add some edge to a few of their handbags. The studded detailing really does pop against the structured shapes, clean lines, and basic colors. However for the newest Spring 2016 season, Valentino is thinking out of the box and taking things up a notch. Discover the new Valentino My Rockstud Painted Satchel!

If you look closely, you will see that the design on the front of this bag is actually painted onto the leather. This is very unusual for Valentino. What is really unique is how the pattern has an tribal-like vibe to it, which I find to be rather intriguing. It has an energizing effect. I also like the extra “studs,” which are actually polished stones. The description doesn’t say what they are, but I love the colors. Especially the green stones! Beautiful! I don’t know what it is, but this bag (as a whole) is appealing to me. I think it would bring some color and flare to an otherwise simple outfit.

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Valentino Rockstud Double Handle Bag

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valentino_rockstud-double-handle-bagWhenever I’m at the airport, I have loads of time on my hands, especially once my errands (change-money-check-out-bookstore-shop-at-Hermès) are done. Then I’ll do my next favourite thing, people watching, or more specifically, watching the kinds of bags people are carrying as they make their way to their flights. And one bag I’ve been seeing loads of lately is the Valentino Rockstud Double Handle Bag, with the one in the smallest size (but of course, right?) being the most common.

Valentino’s take on the bag-with-wings style that’s still all the rage now, the 23 cm by 20 cm leather bag comes adorned with studs on the sides and on the sling. And instead of the usual flat leather straps most Valentino’s bags come in, these ones come with stiff rolled leather handles, which are by far more comfortable, and easier on the eyes, standing in place nicely as opposed to the former that just flops over.

Ladies who I’ve observed carrying this bag are also younger, from the blonde in jeans at Malpensa with her Rockstud Double Handle Bag in a bright hue of red, to the Chinese chick at HKIA with her stunner in deep blue with silver studs. Priced atUSD1960 via Valentino online, you could order yourself one via the site which ships internationally and be the next girl I spot the next time I’m boarding a flight.

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